Despite Poroshenko’s "Best" Efforts, Ukraine Continues to Drift Closer to Russia, Not Europe!

Despite Poroshenko’s "Best" Efforts, Ukraine Continues to Drift Closer to Russia, Not Europe!

And now, Ukraine.

Sooner or later, Kiev will restore relations with Moscow, writes the French paper, Le Figaro. It refers to the research that shows that more and more Ukrainians begin to sympathize with Russia every year. Now, it's more than 50% of the population. According to Le Figaro, that's the reason Poroshenko is trying to burn all bridges between the two countries trying to postpone the inevitable. He seems to be failing to do that.


Denis Davydov on what agony looks like.

At this point, the Ukrainian presidential race is not just dirty, it's bloody. The body of a senior official of the presidential administration was found at dawn next to a church in Kiev. The body was sent off for testing. The main consultant of the information policy department had his head bashed in. He was in charge of cleaning up the news field surrounding Poroshenko. The infinite love of his people displayed in front of cameras was paid for. It's not a secret that pensioners were paid for participating in pro-presidential rallies.

Today, Yulia Tymoshenko complained about her rival to the EU ambassador in Kiev. Nothing here looks European. The CEC printed more ballots than there are people. Voters have reported repeat attempts to buy votes.

Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of Opposition Platform — For Life: «We remember the reasons and circumstances that forced the second Maidan. Now, when there are rumors and reasons to believe that the elections might be rigged the current government must reflect on that, calm down and try to win in a fair and democratic way».

In Lutsk, there's a ten-story-high banner saying «You paid in blood for your presidency. Volyn forgives no one.» Instead of welcoming Poroshenko with bread and salt, the locals gifted him a squealing oinking namesake.

«We called him Petya after our guarantor. We're tired of his lies and corruption, you see?»

The Volyn radicals haven't yet had their say in this. The nationalists are bullying Poroshenko. They interrupt his speeches in various Ukrainian cities. This morning, Poroshenko had to quickly change his plans. He surprised his supporters by refusing to travel to Lutsk.

Pyotr Poroshenko, President of Ukraine: «I'm going to the frontline to visit our volunteers. I consider everyone from the Self-defense units of the Maidan to be volunteers».

Instead of meeting the residents of Slavyansk, he paid a visit to the Azov militants. Poroshenko finds it easier to find a common language with them. The population of Eastern Ukraine is more used to speaking their native language, Russian. Poroshenko wants to hear nothing about that. Now, he's pushing a law on the protection of the Ukrainian language in the Rada.

Yuri Boyko, presidential candidate: «It's a punitive law that divides Ukraine. Despite that, it might get adopted. Poroshenko is creating a language inspection department that will inspect institutions and check what language is spoken there. That's right. I'm not kidding, that's what they'll be doing».

Those who chat in any language other than Ukrainian risk being prosecuted. Police officers are already learning the language but keep struggling with it. The chief of the Odessa police General Dmitry Golovin stutters trying to overcome the language barrier.

Dmitry Golovin, police chief: Is that on?

— Yes.

— This night… Was that correct?

— This night.

— This night, several police…

— Police… Several police units were deployed.

— This night, several police units… Several?

— Several.

More than 40% of the Ukrainian population speaks Russian. Hundreds of thousands speak Hungarian and Romanian. However, the Ukrainian government ignores ethnic minorities. Language is a sensitive matter. It's being carefully avoided by another candidate, Zelensky.

— Are you ready?

— I am ready.

According to the recent polls, Zelensky is the leader. Tymoshenko, who lags behind, placed her bet on trade unions today. She met the leaders of the movements promising them lower taxes, 2% mortgages, cheap gas, and insurance-based medicine.

Yulia Tymoshenko, presidential candidate: «We can perform the same feat the Germans performed after WWII. They raised their country from the ruins in five years».

Judging by the mood of the audience, they're ready to vote for anybody to change the government as soon as possible.

«It would be a catastrophe if we don't get a new president. We won't hold five more years».

The presidential elections in Ukraine are scheduled for March 31.

Denis Davydov, Anna Kolk, and Anastasia Tyurina Vesti.

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