Medvedev at APEC Meeting: East Asia is Booming, and Russia Needs to Get Involved in the Market!

Medvedev at APEC Meeting: East Asia is Booming, and Russia Needs to Get Involved in the Market!

We have a special report for today from a distant and very peculiar country, Papua New Guinea. An APEC summit is being held in the country that was boldly explored by Miklouho-Maclay. Just like the one we had in Vladivostok, but not the same one.

Alexander Balitsky is reporting from the land of Papuans.

For the typical outskirts of the Papuan capital, Port Moresby, where the bay has dozens of adjacent shanty houses along with a bathtub and a laundry room, the APEC summit is quite an event. A road was built here for the occasion.


«But even more is expected here. So many countries have gathered here for the first time. They shall show us how it is to be a part of the developed world».

In this village, all of the houses are on stilts. In fact, it's convenient to visit one another. You just take a step and you're in another house. What step should be taken to change the economy of the entire Asia-Pacific region as briefly? This is up for discussion by the presidents and prime ministers of the APEC members in Papua New Guinea.

Taking a company photo in national costumes of the host country at the APEC forum is a tradition. This time it was modified though having decided that bright shirts would be enough. Dmitry Medvedev wore a yellow one, the color of wealth and good luck. Luck in negotiations is provided by tatanua masks ornament, according to local beliefs. Although there were not only uniting things to cover at the forum.

Dmitry Medvedev: «Economic sanctions have become an instrument of political pressure and unfair competition. In aggregate, this can create quite complex, difficult consequences».

According to the Russian prime minister, the Asian countries should jointly oppose the policy of intervention and restrictions. China agrees on this completely.

Xi Jinping, President of China: «History shows choosing the path of confrontation, whether in the form of a cold war, explicit war, or trade war, will have no winners in the end».

It's obvious to whom that was addressed. US Vice President Michael Pence, who headed the US delegation, decided again to emphasize American exclusivity and disregard for WTO rules.

Michael Pence, US Vice President: «We've taken decisive actions to eliminate the trade imbalance with China. We levied $250 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods and we can double that number».

The premature sword-play between China and the US didn't remain unnoticed. Everyone was awaiting whether Xi Jinping and Pence would meet face to face. During dinner, the camera was on the Chinese leader for almost the whole time. Pence, however, never came to talk.

For the capital of a small island state, holding a summit of this level was a real challenge. They had to find places to stay for almost 4,000 guests from countries around the world. To do this, two huge cruise liners were sailed from neighboring Australia.

Australia also provided security. China built the roads. The forum had an unofficial motto of «every little bit helps». Even business suits for Papuan officials, 160 sets, were given as a gift from Indonesia. Clothes of people from the villages aren't much different from those that Russian scientist Miklouho-Maclay saw on them when he came ashore here almost 150 years ago.

In the village of Gorendu, stories about the Russian ethnographer, who was the first European to look at the Papuans as exactly the same people and who proved the theory of equality among races, are transmitted across generations.

— One of the names given to Maclay was «karam tamo» which means «man from the moon». Another name was «tamo boro», this is in Bongu. But we called him «aba damu» which means «true brother».

They still use some Russian words.

 - Topor (ax), kukuruza (corn), Maclay.

Now the case of Miklouho-Maclay is continued by his full namesake and great-great-grandson Miklouho-Maclay Jr. He's already been here with an expedition. Now he's going to open a corner of Russian culture.

Nikolay Miklouho-Maclay: «Papuans from the Maclay Coast surprised us — they put up a flag at the exact place where the tent of Miklouho-Maclay was. 150 years ago, he put the same flag on the same spot».

Such cultural projects are key to economic cooperation.

Andrey Kostin, VTB Bank CEO: «Now we're traditionally turned to Europe. But this is a very fast growing, interesting region. I think it would be expedient to speed up its development due to political considerations».

The prime ministers of both countries also spoke about the large and not yet realized potential of bilateral relations. Russia has much to offer for the entire region.

Dmitry Medvedev: «In the Far East, we tried to create the most comfortable conditions for business activity that are comparable to the best analogues from around the world. We try to create a promising center for the formation of technological and industrial alliances and the implementation of large projects».

The heads of the delegations will accept key agreements in the final declaration. The Asia-Pacific region is booming, and Russia will definitely not stand aside.

Alexander Balitsky, Rinat Gareev, Vadim Klevanov, Ilya Baev, Vesti on Saturday, Papua New Guinea.

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