Key Takeaways From the World Cup: Putin Comments on Lessons Learned From Organizing Event

Key Takeaways From the World Cup: Putin Comments on Lessons Learned From Organizing Event

The meeting also discussed Russia's experience of organizing the World Cup and ways to apply it while organizing other major international events. Promoting the Fan ID technology was one of the suggestions.

Our observer Dmitry Petrov is reporting on the legacy of the World Cup.

It's Mordovia vs Nizhny Novgorod. Mordovia's strikers are attacking the very same net that Cristiano Ronaldo recently hit. The fans are roaring, losing their voices. 26,500 fans is an incredible figure for the National Soccer League.

The Urals' capital is going through a real soccer rush. Local children are planting roots in new training grounds. The namesake of soccer player Zhirkov tells us about his idols.

“Dzyuba and Cheryshev are simply awesome because they are a real team!”

The World Cup has just ended. Not all the guests have left yet, the soccer park at Red Square hasn't yet been dismantled, there are still temporary studios at Vasilievsky Slope, where top global channels worked from.

Vladimir Putin has met with members of the government to discuss how to use the legacy of the World Cup: infrastructure like railway stations, hotels, airports, and, most importantly, sports facilities. The immaculate organization of matches and access to transportation persuaded everybody that Russia is a global soccer power.

Vladimir Putin: “We need to review the event and consider what to do with the World Cup facilities in the future. Let's talk about the preliminary results.”

The new stadiums are to become major attractions for fans of sports and active leisure to make money on their own. They're also planning to attract foreign tourists.

Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister: «We would like you to issue additional instructions to expand the Fan ID approach to other cultural events held in our country. We will soon be holding the Student Games in Krasnoyarsk, and next year is the year of a major musical event in our culture, the Tchaikovsky Competition. This technology would help us to accommodate guests very much, especially those from other countries.»

Vladimir Putin: “I discussed this with Mr. Medvedev yesterday. It's a good thing to do, so we'll go ahead and do it.”

Russian police also charmed the guests. They have done an enormous amount of work.

Vladimir Putin: “Mr. Kolokoltsev, what about security?”

Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Interior Minister: «Thanks to the interaction with our foreign colleagues and information exchanges, over 3,000 foreign citizens with previous sports event related violations were denied entry into Russia. They were not allowed here, and this also enhanced the safety of the event.»

The experience of our medical staff has been recognized as unique. There were 170 stationary medical offices at the stadiums, with 280 mobile medical teams patrolling the fan zones. A British fan felt unwell during the Britain vs. Croatia match. The ambulance diagnosed a heart attack. The heart stopped beating on the way to the hospital. But Michael was saved. The Botkin Hospital staff conducted stenting. Today Michael returns home.

Veronika Skvortsova, Healthcare Minister: «We received a letter from FIFA Medical Officer Efraim Kramer saying that it was an unprecedented case in FIFA's history and that he recommended that our standards be incorporated by other countries.»

Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov has already drafted a plan. The «Legacy» program has been submitted to the government to be adopted shortly.

Pavel Kolobkov, Minister of Sport: «All of the stadiums will be involved. Soccer centers for children will be organized based on a number of sports schools and bodies. It is also part of the program to promote soccer which is underway.»

It is the new basis to promote soccer in the country. Of course, young players will follow the example of our national team.

Vladimir Putin: “Indeed, it was a success. Once again, I'd like to thank everybody who has taken part in the organization of this great event. I refer both to those who are presently here, here and those who are absent. Mr. Mutko, I would like to express my gratitude to you. You are not engaged in this work now, but everyone knows that you were the father of this process. You did a lot to prepare for this World Cup.Э

On Friday, the State Council will meet in Kaliningrad to discuss the results of the World Cup.

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