"Russia is Ruled by the Mafia...and Putin" - This is the Kind of Rhetoric That US Senators Use

"Russia is Ruled by the Mafia...and Putin" - This is the Kind of Rhetoric That US Senators Use

60 Minutes — hot on the trail, we have little time left.

A US senator, John Kennedy (not a relative of his famous namesake), had a remarkable interview with CNN upon his return to Washington. He finally shared his impressions. They are awful. Almost a week later he finally concluded that our political philosophy is like a mafia's. He attacked our lifestyle, took a strange attitude towards our foreign minister, was ambiguous about Putin, let's listen to him.

«I also was able to draw some conclusions about Russia basing on what Russians say about their political system. They don't want anything. It's all about Putin. Russians don't have a political philosophy. What's the political philosophy of the mafia? It's all about money and power. And there's no free press. We've got to be very very firm, dealing with Putin is like hand-feeding a shark. You can do it, but you have to do it very very carefully. We can't trust Putin, we must contain him.»

—Zakhar, why are we making nice with them? They aren't up for a dialogue. Both upper and lower chambers of our parliament received them, The Foreign Minister talked to them, and then they say such things. They have no intention of solving issues. They just come to call us names.

—I can't but remember our MPs who gave them a round of applause.

—Not all of the MPs!

—Yes, there's one who didn't. What shall we do to them?

Zakhar Prilepin, writer:

—I can't understand those people. The more I observe and interact with various European elites, the more I'm convinced that Russia is the most «European» country in the world. I mean, broadminded, religiously tolerant, peaceful, diplomatic and so on. The lady who's interviewing him looks scared by the bullshit he's saying. Our press is free. We're fine, unlike you with a manifest psychological disorder.

—To make the case for the free press, let's speak about political disability and Putin-shark.

Dmitry Nekrasov, political analyst:

—Well, why hand-feed a shark? I don't consider it to be very reasonable… It's just silly. It's always a pleasure to speak about the freedom of the press on a state-owned channel. It has certain limits here.

—Then push them.

—Why? Everything here is beyond the limits. Applause, for example.

—Let's face it: Has anybody ever told you what to say? Or prohibited you to say something? Imposed any restrictions on you?


—Why do you say such things then?

—But we want to follow up on this topic. We understand everything.

—We've never faced it.

—Who has then?

—I have no idea.

Nikolay Starikov, «Patriots of the Great Fatherland»:

—Mind the surname of the senator speaking.

—Speak for yourself, OK?

—This is another Kennedy.

—Yes, this is another Kennedy, but the previous Kennedy took a stand against American establishment and came to a sad end. Since then, all of the Kennedys have been holier than the Pope and the most hawkish hardliners.

—They aren't relatives.

—He uses bad phrases. As a writer, I'd advise him to write books using such expressions. He's just a namesake.

Sergey Stankevich, politician:

—Let's touch upon Kennedy. Indeed, this John Kennedy has nothing to do with the wonderful Irish Kennedy family from Massachusetts.

—Yes, but the sniper might be unaware of it, so he's holier than the Pope just to be on the safe side.

—Wait a second. The John Kennedy who died in Dallas could have told you much more about the mafia because both his father and grandfather were prominent figures in Irish mafia. As for this Kennedy, despite his age of 66, he entered the Senate only a year ago, so we can call him a novice, Novichok in the literal sense of the word. He has no important political background. The past 17 years of his life were all about money. The motto «money and power are essential» is about him. He was Louisiana’s chief tax and financial official. His exaggerated vision of the role of money in politics stems from this. It's fine that he says such things. He is a novice, quite a helpless novice. Whereas other senators who also visited Russia…

—You just ate that poor senator for breakfast.

—Let them come here. Nobody promised that talking to them would look like a Sunday-school picnic. Let them come for a direct and serious debate.

—And we'll give them another round of applause.

—We'll applaud only for those who speak well of us and want to make friends with us. The thing is when Trump comes we'll see what he…

—He won't arrive here, but in Helsinki.

—Yes, in Helsinki, but still, he'll arrive in Europe. It's not we who'll come to the US, but he'll come to Europe. Thus, it's important. The motto of the meeting can be as follows. We found out that we have differences.

—Yes, we do, but we also hope that the meeting will be constructive. And figure out what these differences are, about this mafia, why Putin is a shark, etc.

Breaking news! All of the children and the coach have been rescued from that terrible cave! Thank God!

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